NFTpayment Solution for Fantom

NFTpay is an NFT payment gateway that lets you buy NFTs on the Fantom blockchain with a credit/debit card in minutes. Try our payment processor today and start accepting credit cards for your Fantom NFT projects!


Buy Fantom NFTs

Our Fantom payment solution allows consumers to purchase Fantom NFT projects faster, safer, and easier than ever before. Fantom is a high-tech blockchain platform that allows users to build and launch decentralized applications, issue digital assets, use Fantom as an ideal payment instrument, and much more. The developers focused their efforts on solving the blockchain trilemma: security, scalability, and decentralization.
To do this, Fantom uses the Pure Proof-of-Stake (PPoS) consensus algorithm. In addition, with the PPoS, the bandwidth of Fantom can compete with well-known centralized payment systems. Moreover, Fantom is one of the most popular platforms for creating NFTs and decentralized applications.
Our Fantom NFT payment solution is a viable option for creators that want to offer their customers a reliable payment method for NFT collections on the Fantom blockchain. NFTpay delivers custom solutions to organizations and individuals interested in installing an Fantom NFT payment gateway on their website.

Popular NFTs On Fantom


8bit Nostalgia


99% of potential NFT buyers do not have cryptocurrency or a crypto wallet.

Once customers make it to your page, you should keep them there. With our credit card solution, we make it easy for buyers to buy and sellers to sell when it comes to purchasing Fantom NFTs. It’s that simple!

Add more payment options to your website.

Whether you’re a marketplace, 10k NFT collection, or website launch that’s selling NFTs. Add a credit card option to increase your NFT sales! All you need to do is enter in basic information about your Fantom NFT project than copy and paste one line of code.

Why miss out on sales from 99% of the world that doesn’t have a crypto wallet? Let’s make it easier for everyone and welcome more NFT holders to your space.

Supported Blockchains

Try Our Demos!


Superdope is a test NFT project on Rinkeby test network that shows you how NFTpay works with just an email.


Metabolts is a real NFT project on the polygon blockchain. NFTs are only 50 cents to show you how it works.

Finally, the easiest way to buy and sell NFTs is here.

Enter basic information about your project then copy and paste one line of code. That’s it!

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