RFK Jr: Crypto-Friendly Presidential Aspirant Emerges

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RFK Jr: Crypto-Friendly Presidential Aspirant Emerges

The 2024 US presidential race witnesses a twist with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., known as RFK Jr., stepping into the arena as an independent candidate. Renowned for his pro-cryptocurrency stance, Kennedy’s emergence could hold implications for the US crypto space.



  • RFK Jr. runs as pro-crypto independent candidate in 2024 US presidential race.
  • Aims to make America a global crypto hub, especially focusing on Bitcoin.
  • Opposes FedNow and Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), aligning with some Republican views.
  • RFK Jr.’s candidacy reflects growing political discourse on cryptocurrency’s role in the US economy.



A Pro-Crypto Kennedy: 

RFK Jr. has been vocal about making the US a global hub for cryptocurrencies, notably Bitcoin. His intriguing idea of backing the US dollar with “hard currency” like gold and Bitcoin presents a progressive outlook toward integrating crypto into the mainstream financial structure.


Opposition to Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC): 

Kennedy’s criticism of the Federal Reserve’s FedNow system reflects his broader disapproval of CBDCs, which he perceives as a gateway to financial and political oppression. His stance echoes concerns within the crypto community regarding centralized digital currencies.


The Political Spectrum of Crypto Support: 

Comparing RFK Jr.’s views with other presidential contenders reveals a political spectrum where cryptocurrency support could become a focal point. His alignment with some Republican contenders on crypto issues showcases a cross-party resonance on the significance of crypto in future governance.


Electoral Impact: 

The support from 19% of the electorate for RFK Jr., as indicated by the super PAC American Values 2024, hints at a growing acknowledgment of crypto’s role in political discourse, potentially influencing voter behavior in the upcoming election.




RFK Jr.’s independent candidacy encapsulates the intertwining of political and crypto spheres, hinting at an evolving narrative that might play a pivotal role in the 2024 US presidential election. As crypto becomes a point of discussion among presidential aspirants, it unveils the potential for a broader acceptance and regulatory evolution in the US. 



Pro-crypto RFK Jr. leaves Democrats to campaign for US president as independent
Official RFK Website 



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