Payment Tech That Makes You More Money For Gaming, Digital Assets and NFTs

NFTpay Supports Nearly All Major Blockchains

More Money, Less Hassle.

Stop leaving money on the table. NFTpay increases acceptance rates, reduces chargebacks, and has a wider range of payment options to reach a broader audience. These combined elements translate to more successful transactions and a smoother player experience that boosts your gaming revenue.

Lower Chargebacks with Advanced Security

NFTpay utilizes cutting-edge AI/ML to analyze transactions and significantly reduce fraudulent activity. This translates to fewer chargebacks and a healthier economy, meaning more money in your pocket.

Expand Your Audience, Expand Your Profits

The vast majority of gamers don’t have crypto wallets. NFTpay bridges the gap from web2 to web3, offering familiar credit card purchases that eliminate a major barrier to entry for crypto games or projects.

Fast & Scalable

Process thousands of transactions instantly. Our one-minute integration ensures a smooth user experience for your customers.

Safe & Secure

Benefit from industry-leading security measures to protect your business and your users.

Simple & User-Friendly

Buy digital assets and NFTs in your app the familiar way – with your credit card.

Why Choose NFTpay?

The Future of Gaming Payments is Here

The global gaming market thrives on innovative ways to play, earn, and own digital assets. However, clunky payment systems and complex UI/UX hinders player experience and limits your game’s revenue potential.

NFTpay is the solution. Our frictionless payment technology unlocks new revenue streams by attracting new players, increasing revenue, and boosting player engagement.

Focus on creating amazing games, while NFTpay handles the secure and reliable payments.

NFTpay | The Team

Entrepreneur, Investor, Advisor. Built two $30m+ businesses, 2016 NFT, Stanford Blockchain Society.

Senior engineer, 25 years payments, IOT, cryptography. 2017 crypto BaseChain, & 2018 Tokenmaker.

Mat Poprocki, CCO

23 year history of working for Start-Ups and Agencies. Quirky $450m.

Serial Startup founder, Tubi billion dollar exit, Investment analyst, writer, crypto investor.

NFTpay | Clients

JennyGlamJam / Crypto Gala
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Working with NFTpay generated a lot of value for Crypto Gala. By working together we innovated and created NFT tickets that for the first time the consumer could pay with a credit card, which was amazing and very well received. The team is also very attentive and helpful, and had no problem answering our messages during the weekend and at night. I want to continue working with NFTpay and I love their entire team.
FKN Rich Shark Club
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Working with NFTpay was (and continues to be) an outstanding experience. Since re launching our website with their NFTpay integration, and recommendations, we have experienced a 35% sales increase.
Elysium Club
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NFTpay has opened up the potential for our project to reach outside the current NFT market to potential new customers who have not yet been onboarded to this exciting new world
Reach the 99% who don't use crypto. Offer a faster, easier way to pay for digital assets in the games and apps they love. Integrate NFTpay today!

Trusted by Industry Leaders

The global gaming industry is constantly evolving, demanding innovative solutions to enhance player experiences and maximize revenue potential. This relentless pursuit of progress is why leading gaming companies are turning to NFTpay.

We are committed to providing you with the tools and technology you need to create immersive experiences, maximize revenue, and stay ahead of the curve.

NFTpay Success Stories

Citadel NFT Game

Blockchain based adventure game. Use your NFT as your character. Create and share your own 3d puzzles. 

SOLD OUT 27 minutes, $1.5m


Token-gated PFP metaverse community with evolving social experiences including events, games, and more.

SOLD OUT <1 minute, $1.6m

NFT Oasis

Fully immersive experience in VR available on your headset or computer.

30+ Penthouses sold in the Metaverse!


Not just games, an entire universe ripe with boundless possibilities waiting to be explored.

99% of the NFTs purchased were with NFTpay

We provide a lightning-fast payment technology for games, digital assets, and NFTs. Our solution allows users to seamlessly purchase these items using their credit cards – no crypto wallet needed!
NFTpay unlocks a massive new user base for your digital products. By offering credit card payments you reach the 99% who don’t have crypto wallets. This eliminates friction and simplifies purchases for your customers.

Our simple and quick integration makes buying games items and digital assets as easy as buying anything else online. We handle the entire payment process securely and efficiently so you don’t have to.

What payment methods do you accept?

Absolutely! NFTpay offers a seamless integration that complements your existing payment methods. Customers can choose their preferred option at checkout.
Minimal! Just fill out a short form and integrate our code. We handle the complexities, so you can focus on your business.
We currently support a wide range of popular blockchains, including Algorand, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, Cronos, Ethereum, Fantom, Polygon, Solana, Telos, with Casper, and Cardano coming soon.
NFTpay caters to everyone! Whether you’re a crypto expert or a new user, our solution offers a convenient and familiar way to pay.
NFTpay securely stores all digital assets for users who don’t have wallets. They can easily access them later.
Our service is currently free for businesses. We collect a small fee from the buyer to cover transaction costs, ensuring you receive your full sales price.
We offer a demo website showcasing the ease of use for both businesses and customers. Additionally, you can try a live transaction for a minimal fee at
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