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The NFT market size is rapidly growing to $1 Trillion by 2030* and NFTpay is growing with it.
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NFTpay Supports Nearly All Major Blockchains

NFTpay Makes It Possible For Anyone With A Credit Card To Buy NFTs

How Is NFTpay Disrupting The Industry?

NFT Is Continuously Growing, Be Part Of This Emerging Industry

NFTs Are Growing In Utility

NFTs can represent both digital and real-world assets.

Art & Video

Real Estate





NFTs have unlimited possibilities. The sky is the limit for potential growth.
While these are some of the use cases of NFTs, the future will invite new opportunities and integrations.
NFTpay has positioned itself as the leading infrastructure in nft payment processing to capture this wave of industry growth.

NFTpay | The Team

Entrepreneur, Investor, Advisor. Built two $30m+ businesses, 2016 NFT, Stanford Blockchain Society.

Senior engineer, 25 years payments, IOT, cryptography. 2017 crypto BaseChain, & 2018 Tokenmaker.

Serial Startup founder, Tubi billion dollar exit, Investment analyst, writer, crypto investor.

Mat Poprocki, CCO

23 year history of working for Start-Ups and Agencies. Quirky $450m.

Ben Way, Chairman

World-renowned Crypto and startup technologist, 2 payments co’s, investor, & serial entrepreneur.

Alchemist Accelerator

The Alchemist Accelerator is MIT ranked #1 B2B accelerator with the highest median fundraising amounts per startup, even more than YC.

NFTpay | Investors & Advisors

Mr. Beast

Gil Penchina

Will O’Brien

David Meltzer

Carl Moon

Ted Moskovitz

Evan Luthra

Yohei Nakajima

A Proven, But Untapped Business Model

NFTs are more than the buying and selling of pixels. They are the first use case for digital contracts that are successfully sold and tracked on the blockchain.

All that is missing is an easy-to-use credit card payment processor who can connect the wider public with the blockchain.

NFTpay is a first-mover in this niche, has a proven track record with high volume launches, and is ready to scale to handle NFT transactions on a global scale.

NFTpay Success Stories

Citadel NFT Game

Blockchain based adventure game. Use your NFT as your character. Create and share your own 3d puzzles. 

SOLD OUT 27 minutes, $1.5m


Token-gated PFP metaverse community with evolving social experiences including events, games, and more.

SOLD OUT <1 minute, $1.6m

NFT Oasis

Fully immersive experience in VR available on your headset or computer.

30+ Penthouses sold in the Metaverse!


Not just games, an entire universe ripe with boundless possibilities waiting to be explored.

99% of the NFTs purchased were with NFTpay

Learn More About NFTs

The global adoption of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) has expanded their utility beyond digital art, finding applications in real estate, ticketing, licensing, memberships, and more. NFTs revolutionize the real estate industry by streamlining transactions, enhancing traceability, and enabling fractional ownership. In ticketing, NFTs combat fraud, ensure authenticity, and facilitate easy resales. NFTs also offer secure licensing solutions for intellectual property, track royalties, and simplify the process of recording ownership for assets like vehicles and land titles. With innovative platforms driving their adoption, NFTs are transforming traditional industries and creating new investment opportunities.

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