A New Age of NFTs: Witnessing the Remarkable Growth of Reddit NFTs on Polygon

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A New Age of NFTs: Witnessing the Remarkable Growth of Reddit NFTs on Polygon

Here’s a remarkable statistic that perfectly showcases the explosive power of NFTs: Market Cap of Reddit NFTs on the Polygon blockchain has grown 92% to $94M in just 3 weeks!

One of the largest communities on the internet, Reddit, and its NFTs on the Polygon blockchain are ushering in a new era of mainstream acceptance for NFTs.

According to Dune Analytics, a respected data aggregator platform, recent data show that the collection of Reddit NFTs hit stunning milestones. Sales surged to over $40,554,135, with the volume of Collectible Avatars surpassing 20.3 million. Additionally, the market capitalization of the Collectible Avatars has ballooned to $94,227,819, showing a considerable growth from the $49 million reported by The Crypto Basic just three weeks prior.

At the heart of this fascinating growth, the community of Reddit NFT holders continues to expand. An impressive 16,396,254 users are now proud holders, enriching the Reddit-Polygon ecosystem.

The Gen 4 collection highlighted another intriguing aspect of the NFT realm, featuring over 200 sales in the last 24 hours and contributing to a primary sales volume of $856,190.

This tremendous development has not gone unnoticed. Polygon blockchain founder Sandeep Nailwal applauded the progress, noting the ecosystem’s growth and its promising potential. Nailwal said, “Polygon ecosystem’s mainstream products are silently reaching ‘magic inflection points of growth’,” signaling the imminent birth of AAA gaming titles and expanding product offerings.

Reddit NFTs’ strong growth trajectory on the Polygon platform underlines not only its potential but also signifies a broadening acceptance and integration of NFTs into mainstream platforms, once again proving – Crypto and NFTs are here to stay.

It’s never been a more thrilling time to participate in the NFT movement. Stay tuned to witness what the future holds!



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