New Payment Options Make NFT Purchases Even Easier

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New Payment Options Make NFT Purchases Even Easier

Have you ever wanted to buy an NFT but didn’t want to deal with crypto wallets and converting currency? Well, we’ve got great news for you! 

Today we are thrilled to announce that we at NFTpay just added American Express and Discover as payment options on our platform making purchasing NFTs easier and more accessible than ever before!


  • Can now buy NFTs with AMEX and Discover
  • No crypto or crypto wallet needed
  • More accessible, convenient, mainstream
  • Easy NFT buying for all

The Struggle of Buying NFTs

In the past, purchasing NFTs required crypto knowledge. You needed to own cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, navigate crypto wallets, and manage gas fees. This created friction and prevented mainstream adoption of NFT commerce. Many people don’t own any crypto or understand how to use it. They are interested in NFTs but find the process daunting. Crypto payments create barriers to entering the rapidly growing NFT ecosystem.

We Make Blockchain Transactions Feel Familiar

We created a solution to these challenges. Our platform removes the crypto complexities from NFT buying. With our service, you can now purchase NFTs directly with a credit or debit card. No crypto wallet or Ethereum required! We handle converting your dollars to crypto behind the scenes. You simply pay with your Visa, Mastercard, – and now – American Express, or Discover card.

This improves accessibility for newcomers and convenience for experienced NFT collectors.

Why AMEX and Discover Matter

By supporting AmEx and Discover in addition to Visa and Mastercard, we further democratize NFT commerce. More card options accommodate diverse payment preferences. Consumers have flexibility in choosing how they pay. These additions also expand our geographic reach. American Express has a strong international presence. Discover serves the US market.

We can now provide easy NFT purchases to more people across the world.


Empowering Mainstream NFT Adoption

Our aim is making NFTs understandable and easy to buy for everyone. Crypto cards help mainstream this new paradigm. Removing wallet friction introduces newcomers to the possibilities of NFTs. They can get involved in this exciting space without technical hurdles. For experienced NFT collectors, direct card payments provide a more streamlined way to buy. No more managing wallets and gas fees!

NFT purchases finally work like any other online transaction. This bridges the gap between crypto-natives and regular consumers.

As NFT utility expands, accessibility will become increasingly important. We’re excited to drive adoption by letting people pay however they choose, whether AMEX, Discover, Visa, or Mastercard. The future is frictionless!


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