Art Basel Miami NFTpay Investor Decompression & Potluck 2023

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After a hugely successful Art Basel Miami this year, we at NFTpay knew it was important to create a relaxing yet engaging space for our community of investors and innovators to come together. That’s why we hosted an Investor Decompression & Potluck at our Miami headquarters – a chance for top thinkers across crypto and NFTs to destress while making meaningful connections.


  • NFTpay Hosted potluck after Art Basel for crypto/NFT investors to decompress
  • Beautiful indoor/outdoor space with food, music, games, and entertainment
  • Brought together top players across the industry in a fun, relaxing setting
  • Facilitated collaboration and community for a healthier industry

Top-Level Talent and Networking

Given the fast-paced pressures of emerging tech spaces like NFTs and crypto, we felt it vital to create an environment optimized for decompressing. Attendees could relax on our balcony overlooking Miami, get a massage, play games like mini pickleball, enjoy a live DJ performance, see a magic show, and most importantly, have fun! Our beautifully-decorated indoor space allowed for effortless networking, with comfortable lounge furniture and energizing snack stations spread throughout to encourage mingling.

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NFTpay’s Investor Decompression & Potluck was also an exceptional networking opportunity. We brought together some of the brightest minds in the NFT and crypto space, creating an environment ripe for collaboration and idea sharing. In the midst of laughter and conversation, connections were made, partnerships were formed, and ideas were born.


Entertainment Galore

To keep the spirits high, we didn’t skimp on entertainment. Guests had the chance to engage in some friendly competition with a game of mini pickleball while our live DJ provided the soundtrack for the evening, ensuring that there was never a dull moment on the dance floor.


But the surprises didn’t end there. A talented magician wowed the crowd with mind-bending tricks and illusions, leaving everyone in awe. The combination of sports, music, and magic created an atmosphere of pure joy and wonder.


Empowering Well-Being

At NFTpay, we recognize the importance of individual well-being within the crypto and NFT industry. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and intensity of the market. Our Investor Decompression & Potluck was a deliberate effort to remind everyone of the significance of mental and emotional health. By providing a space for relaxation and enjoyment, we hoped to empower participants to return to their work with renewed energy and enthusiasm.



This Investor Decompression & Potluck demonstrated our commitment at NFTpay to catalyzing growth across crypto and NFTs through empowering the outstanding individuals pushing these spaces forward. By facilitating wellness, collaboration, and community, we will continue supporting the people working tirelessly to drive progress – because healthier, happier leaders build healthier, happier ecosystems.

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