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How to boost your NFT sales by 10X?

If you are into NFTs, you know that the goal is to sell out on the launch date, aka minting date, right? Approximately 96% of the people in the world don’t have a crypto wallet, and of those who do, 84% feel more comfortable paying with a credit card.

NFTpay enables NFT purchases by accepting credit cards and a no-wallet needed solution. We integrate our free service with only two lines of java code! NFTpay is integrating into marketplaces and 10k NFT drops and boosting sales by 2-10X (YES, you read that right)!The best part about NFTpay is that we are 100% free for our first 1000 partners! Be one of the first 1000 partners to integrate now and get completely free service! Considering that our service is free to you, you might wonder how does NFTpay make its money? We only charge a small % fee to the NFT purchaser at checkout, which means the project gets 100% of the sale right away. Don’t worry; your contract is still paid in crypto.

You might wonder where the NFTs can be stored, right? Well, they will be kept in a custodial wallet that the customer can access securely, fast and easy. And guess what? Whenever yourcustomers are ready, the NFTs can be transferred into their own crypto wallet.

Our mission is to make NFTs simple. NFTpay will bring a billion people into web3, and we believe that making the buying process of an NFT simple is one of the core bridges between Web2 and Web3. With NFTpay, the customer can check out and own an NFT in less than 1min – fast, securely, with a very easy customer experience and no heavy KYC.

Contact us now at support@nftpay.xyz to boost your NFT sales!

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DropTown Project Spotlight

How to boost your NFT sales by 10X? If you are into NFTs, you know that the goal is to sell out on the launch

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