From FarmVille to Sugartown: Zynga’s Exciting Journey into Blockchain Gaming

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From FarmVille to Sugartown: Zynga's Exciting Journey into Blockchain Gaming

Time to sprinkle your day with a spoonful of breaking news – Zynga, the casual and mobile gaming heavyweight behind smash-hits like FarmVille and Words With Friends, has spilled the sugar on its first blockchain venture called Sugartown, an Ethereum-powered NFT game.


In the creative cosmos of Sugartown, three enterprising farm animals have cracked open a wormhole, inviting Oras, charming creatures from another dimension, to create an engaging, gamified world. Excitingly, this novel endeavour is set to be released “at a later date” and will operate exclusively on web browsers, as revealed to Decrypt via email by a Zynga representative.


But the sweetness doesn’t stop there. Ten thousand Ora NFTs are set to be launched later this year by Zynga, and guess what? These NFTs are your ticket into the game! They don’t just offer access to Sugartown but also to the collection of free-to-play minigames within its boundaries. Adding a layer of strategic play, Zynga is also introducing the option for players to lock up or “stake” their Ora NFTs to accumulate Sugar, an in-game currency.


A statement from Zynga’s Vice President of Web3 Gaming, Matt Wolf, frames the game’s intention succinctly: “Our ambition is to empower players through a sustainable Web3 platform full of fun and enduring games.” The game has been designed with a native Web3 market in mind, and as Wolf adds, with the aim to scale over time, building a passionate and committed community of players.


Zynga, founded in 2007, first known for its popular casual games like FarmVille and Words With Friends, initially unveiled plans for blockchain-based games in late 2021 but has been relatively quiet about the venture since.


However, the recent acquisition by Grand Theft Auto publisher Take-Two Interactive for a whopping $12.7 billion makes it pretty clear – this new revolutionary venture into blockchain gaming has just begun.


So, fellow thrill-seekers and gaming aficionados, gear up for a delightful journey into the all-new Sugartown – it promises to be a sweet ride! Keep up with your trusted guide NFTpay as we keep you updated on the latest news from the fast-paced, ever-evolving world of NFTs and blockchain gaming.



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