Here’s Why Your Deeds and Contracts Will Soon Be Replaced by NFTs

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Here's Why Your Deeds and Contracts Will Soon Be Replaced by NFTs

One of the gemstones of insights shared in the Techopedia interview with Jenny Zheng, head of NFT development at Bybit, is the profound impact NFTs could have on the way we deal with contracts and deeds in the future.

In this exciting and groundbreaking NFT universe, Zheng foresees NFTs replacing traditional contracts and deeds. Imagine a world where transferring the ownership of real estate is as straightforward as sending an NFT from one party to another. It sounds revolutionary, doesn’t it? That’s the sheer power of NFT technology.

This isn’t just about simplifying transactions. It’s also about removing the need for middlemen or third-party approvals. Currently, to sell a property, you need a notary to authenticate the process. But in the NFT world, the smart contract embedded in the token would automatically verify the transfer of ownership.

Think about the implications of this. It means lower transaction costs and improved efficiency – groundbreaking improvements for the real estate industry. Plus, smart contracts enable innovative financing methods. Imagine being able to lock your house’s NFT to get a loan and automatically releasing it once you’ve repaid the loan. It’s a new world of possibilities.

This innovative integration of NFTs into the world of contracts and deeds isn’t all sunshine and rainbows just yet, though. Hurdles like technology glitches, the development of regulatory and digital infrastructure, and public perception of Web3, NFTs, and crypto as a whole still need to be navigated.

We’re looking at a paradigm shift, one that is incredibly new and where education and awareness are urgently needed. Nevertheless, the potential is massive and a step forward towards the ever-evolving Web3 ecosystem. Embrace the future, grasp the immense opportunities lying ahead, and gear up for the significant developments the incredible world of NFTs is set to bring. Learn more about these potentials by diving into the full interview with Jenny Zheng.


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