How To Increase NFT Sales By 35% With NFTpay

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“Working with NFTpay was (and continues to be) an outstanding experience. Since re launching our website with their NFTpay integration, and recommendations, we have experienced a 35% sales increase. I love NFTpay and would recommend it to anyone in the NFT space. What they are doing is next level.“

NFTpay is the go to partner for NFT projects, Marketplaces, and agencies.

Our mission is to bring 1 billion people into web3 by making transacting faster, safer, and more efficient.

NFT lets your customers buy in less than 2 minutes with a Credit Card (with Apple Pay and ACH/Wire coming soon), so even your grandma can flex her new Bored Ape or Crypto Punk.

See For Yourself (DEMO)

Why Choose Us?

Transacting in Web3 is so complicated it will turn your hair 50 shades of Gray

Don’t let your customers have to go through that

Our focus at NFTpay is to bring a billion people into web3, and by reverse engineering that goal we came to the conclusion that the only way to reach it is through having a frictionless process and being the most innovative payment solution. 

Our first step was creating a credit card solution so that transacting became native for consumers, and now we have our eyes on becoming even more convenient by incorporating Apple Pay and ACH transfers. 

Most people think selling your NFTs strictly comes down to the idea and marketing, but they forget the most important piece of the puzzle. 

If you have a complex buying process then you will miss out on buyers. The Web3 buying process is complex and time consuming, and even with some other payment solutions they still take time, charge huge fees, or have a bad user experience. 

We solved every problem so you can focus on creating a great product, and we’ll make sure customers can buy with ease.

What Makes Us Different?

We know that we’re not the only cooks in the kitchen when it comes to payment solutions, but we are the only ones with a Michelin Star.

So, what separates us from the other guys?

NFTpay charges one low fee with no fees hidden in the currency exchange; No crypto  currency arbitrage

Best purchase experience on mobile, single screen experience, no need to open other apps

NFTpay has no transaction limits, so even your Grandma can buy a Bored Ape or Crypto  Punk with her card

No barrier to entry, just pull out your card and buy. No upfront KYC or account creation. 

No wallet needed 🙂 We’ll store your NFT in your NFTpay wallet, and transfer later.

Don’t lose customers with the other guys… We have a 100% success rate

No quantity is too many. Let your customers mint as many NFTs as they would like

Steer clear from fraud. We have your back

Ability to support USDC, USDT and marketplace native tokens


Who Can Benefit From NFTpay?


 Project founders looking to increase NFT sales and make customers happier

 NFT Marketplaces looking to increase sales, make transacting faster, safer, and give customers a more native purchase option that is 10x more convenient

 Agencies or Web3 service providers that are looking to give their clients a payment solution that will increase their marketing or development effort.. Yes, we have options for you guy too


Want To Learn More About How You Can Partner With NFTpay?


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