Instagram Head Shares His Bullish Outlook on NFTs

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Instagram Head Shares His Bullish Outlook on NFTs

On October 4th, Instagram showcased its inaugural Creator Innovation Summit, dedicating a platform to nurture creators in brand building, Instagram tool optimization, and the savvy use of emerging technologies. 

A fireside chat between tech influencer Marques Brownlee and Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, highlighted Mosseri’s continued optimism toward NFTs despite Instagram’s earlier rollback on NFT support. This summit served as a convergence point for influential figures across various fields, sparking discussions on the fusion of AI and creator-centric platforms.



  • Instagram’s first Creator Innovation Summit held on October 4th.
  • Adam Mosseri remains optimistic about NFTs despite Instagram’s pullback on NFT support.
  • The summit sparked crucial discussions on AI chatbots and creator engagement.



NFTs and Instagram:


In March 2023, Instagram surprised many by retracting its NFT supporting features across the platform. This move came after an initial enthusiasm toward NFTs, showing a potential shift in Instagram’s strategy. The withdrawal raised eyebrows within the community, as Instagram seemly started to take a more cautious stance towards the NFT space. 

This backdrop set the stage for Adam Mosseri’s recent expressions of continued support for NFTs during the Creator Innovation Summit, highlighting a nuanced perspective on NFTs’ potential amidst a fluctuating digital landscape.

Mosseri’s Bullish Stance on NFTs:


In the fireside chat, Adam Mosseri conveyed his ongoing bullish stance on NFTs, despite Instagram’s earlier retraction of NFT features. He discussed the potential he sees in NFTs, not as a revenue driver for all creators, but possibly as a valuable aspect in the digital creative sphere. 

This segment of the chat hinted at a deeper understanding of the NFT landscape, focusing on its long-term potential rather than short-term gains, elucidating why the head of Instagram still holds a favorable view on NFTs and their place in the digital domain.

AI Chatbots for Creators:


Adam Mosseri delved into the enticing realm of AI chatbots for creators during the summit. He pinpointed the conundrum creators face in managing overwhelming communications and proposed AI chatbots as a viable solution. 

By aligning the AI with the creator’s core interests and values, an effectively-trained chatbot could handle vast streams of interactions, making communication management a less daunting task. This discussion underscored the potential of AI in alleviating some challenges creators face, enabling them to focus more on content creation while maintaining engaging interactions with their audience.



Looking Forward:


Mosseri showcased optimism towards navigating the intricacies of integrating AI and possibly revisiting NFTs on Instagram. He hinted at a future where successfully overcoming these complexities could unlock new dimensions of creator-audience engagement and open doors to innovative digital ownership models. 

His forward-looking stance reflects a broader vision of harmonizing cutting-edge technologies with social platforms to foster a more interactive, authentic, and profitable ecosystem for creators and users alike, hinting at a promising trajectory if these technological hurdles are handled adeptly.



The discussion at Instagram’s Creator Innovation Summit unveiled the multidimensional outlook towards integrating emerging technologies like NFTs and AI chatbots within social media landscapes. Adam Mosseri’s bullish stance on NFTs and the potential of AI chatbots underscored a proactive approach to harnessing these technologies for enhancing creator-audience engagement. 

As Instagram and other social platforms grapple with the evolving digital frontier, the blend of NFTs and AI holds promise in redefining creator interactions and ushering in a new era of digital authenticity and engagement.


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