NFT Sales Climb 17% Last Week With ETH Outpacing BTC and SOL

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NFT Sales Climb 17% Last Week With ETH Outpacing BTC and SOL

This past week witnessed a notable surge of 16.8% in non-fungible token (NFT) sales compared to the previous week, according to the latest data. Ethereum blockchain emerged as the frontrunner among 21 blockchain platforms, boasting the highest sales volume at $148.49 million, marking an impressive surge of 99.08%.

ETH Makes Comeback Over BTC and SOL

Ethereum Dominates with Over $148M in NFT Sales This week continued to witness a steady rise in NFT sales, building upon the 3.74% increase observed in the previous week. The latest statistics indicate a total of $277.79 million in NFT transactions across 21 different blockchain networks, showcasing a significant uptick of 16.8%. However, there was a notable decline in the number of NFT buyers by 80.74% and sellers by 78.71%. Ethereum led the charge during this period, racking up sales of $148.49 million, with Bitcoin following behind at $52.97 million. Ethereum witnessed a remarkable surge of 99.08% in NFT sales, whereas Bitcoin experienced a slight dip of 20.67%.

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Sales of NFTs based on Solana also experienced a decrease, declining by 21.16% to $39.84 million. Following Ethereum and Bitcoin in NFT sales were Polygon and Mythos. Polygon observed a decrease to $8.23 million in sales, while Mythos managed to buck the trend with an increase of 11.43%, totaling $6.23 million. The top-performing NFT collection of the week was Ethereum’s Pandora, generating $56.78 million in sales, closely followed by Ethereum’s Nobody, which amassed $15 million.

Securing the third position was the Bitcoin-based Uncategorized Ordinals compilation with $13.65 million in sales. Mythos’ Dmarket claimed the fourth spot, while Immutable X’s Gods Unchained ranked fifth for the week. The highest individual sale was recorded for Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT #1,726, going for $668,297 just two days ago. Following closely was a Bitcoin Honey Badgers NFT with a sale of $110,256, and BNB’s Lockdealnft rounded up the top three with a sale of $61,793. The fourth and fifth highest sales were from the Solana and Avalanche blockchains, respectively.

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