Refik Anadol’s Tokenized Artistry Finds Home at MoMA

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Refik Anadol's Tokenized Artistry Finds Home at MoMA

In a realm where the traditional often mingles with the contemporary, a new genre of artistry is making a grand entrance. Refik Anadol’s AI-generated artwork has not just caught the eye of art enthusiasts but has etched a place in the prestigious Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) collection. This acquisition signifies a notable shift in the art arena, reflecting the growing acceptance of tokenized art in mainstream circles.



  • The acquisition marks a milestone for digital art, showcasing the acceptance of tokenized, AI-generated artwork in mainstream art circles.
  • ‘Unsupervised’ symbolizes a blend of traditional artistry with modern-day digital innovation, captivating audiences with its real-time AI interpretations.
  • The artwork’s appearance in notable venues like the Sphere in Las Vegas and the 2023 Grammy Awards highlights its growing influence in the art realm.
  • MoMA’s acquisition is a significant nod toward the future of digital artistry, cementing a place for AI and blockchain in the traditional art scene.



Blurring the Lines Between Real and Virtual


The centerpiece of this narrative is Anadol’s ‘Unsupervised – Machine Hallucinations – MoMA (2022)’, a digital installation that showcases a real-time AI’s interpretation of the museum’s digitized collection. Through Anadol’s ingenious utilization of Generative AI, this piece transcends the traditional art narrative, bringing a modern-day touch to MoMA’s illustrious collection.

Tokenized Brushstrokes: The Future of Digital Art?

Refik Anadol’s artwork takes a leap into the digital future with tokenization, a process that authenticates and uniquely identifies each piece on the blockchain. Through tokenizing his ‘Unsupervised – Machine Hallucinations – MoMA (2022)’, Anadol not only immortalizes his art in the digital realm but also provides a verifiable proof of ownership and authenticity. 

This digital certification via blockchain technology ensures that each piece of art is original and traceable back to its creator, adding a layer of trust and value to the digital art marketplace.


The Journey of ‘Unsupervised’


From its inception to its acquisition by MoMA, ‘Unsupervised’ has journeyed through criticisms and praises alike. While some critics likened it to a “glorified lava lamp”, others saw it as a visionary projection of modern art. The piece, however, resonates with many, marking a significant stride in the recognition and appreciation of AI artistry. 


Exosphere rendering Sphere (Refik Anadol Studio)


Expanding Horizons


Anadol’s ‘Machine Hallucinations’ is more than just a tokenized artwork; it’s a statement of evolving artistic expressions. Its appearance in venues like the Sphere in Las Vegas and the 2023 Grammy Awards stage design underscores its influence in modern-day artistry.




As Refik Anadol’s AI-generated art finds its place in MoMA, it’s not just a win for the artist but a monumental leap for the NFT community. 

The journey of ‘Unsupervised’ from a digital concept to a revered art piece in MoMA’s collection is a testament to the boundless potential that lies in the nexus of art, technology, and blockchain.


Refik Anadol’s Machine Hallucinations generative AI piece acquired by MoMA
Refik Anadol’s ‘Unsupervised’ Is Now Part of MoMA’s Permanent Collection
About Unsupervised



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