The Unseen Growth Behind the Bear Market in 2023

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The Unseen Growth Behind the Bear Market in 2023

Despite the prevalent narrative surrounding the cryptocurrency bear market in 2023, a deeper look into the traffic data of various crypto platforms paints a more nuanced picture. While some big players like Binance and Coinbase have experienced a dip in their website traffic, several others are witnessing a remarkable surge, indicating a vibrant and active crypto space.

As per the analytics from Similarweb, Binance and Coinbase saw a decrease in their monthly visits by 22% and 15% respectively, from January to August 2023. However, this downward trend is not universal. A host of other platforms are defying the bear market claims with a substantial increase in their year-to-date (YTD) traffic.

HTX, previously known as Huobi, and OKX are leading the charge with a monumental rise in their website visits. HTX has seen a 200% surge, escalating from 7.3 million in January to a staggering 22 million by August. Following closely is OKX with an 185% increase, boasting 22.8 million visits in August, a significant rise from 8 million at the start of the year.

Other platforms like and CoinW are not far behind, registering a YTD traffic increase of 143% and 66%, respectively. Moreover, and Bitmart have enjoyed a 40% spike in their traffic, with Kraken also noting an 11% growth.

Bitrefill, a cryptocurrency gift card company, has also seen a growth spurt with a 12% increase in its monthly visitors, reaching 1 million by August.

This surge in website traffic across various platforms challenges the bear market narrative, suggesting a robust demand and adoption of cryptocurrency services. While it doesn’t directly mirror trading volumes, it serves as a vital indicator of the market’s health and potential.

Furthermore, the bear market definition, which is typically characterized by a 20% or more decline from recent highs, doesn’t quite apply at the moment, with Bitcoin being only 12% down from its recent peak, as per CoinGecko data.

Industry pundits argue against the bear market terminology for the current crypto landscape, with some even asserting that “Bitcoin always has and always will be in a bull market.” This optimistic outlook, coupled with the thriving website traffic, hints at a crypto market that is far from being subdued, showcasing signs of resilience and potential for further growth.


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