China’s Gaming Giant Eyes $100 Million Crypto Play

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China's Gaming Giant Eyes $100 Million Crypto Play

China’s Boyaa Interactive, the country’s largest board and card game company, is making headlines with its bold move into the world of cryptocurrencies. They’ve announced plans to invest a whopping $100 million in digital assets like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) over the next year. This strategic shift towards crypto is part of a growing trend among public companies seeking to diversify their portfolios and tap into the flourishing crypto market.


  • China’s Boyaa Interactive plans to invest $100 million in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum over the next 12 months.
  • This move aligns with a broader trend of traditional companies venturing into the crypto space.
  • Approval from shareholders is pending, but the board of directors is already preparing the $100 million fund for potential crypto purchases.
  • The allocation includes $45 million for Bitcoin and Ethereum, with an additional $10 million for stablecoins.
  • This marks a significant increase from the previous plan, approved in August, which allocated $5 million for crypto investments.

China’s Gaming Giant Enters the Crypto Arena

After a somewhat challenging year for the cryptocurrency market in 2022, this year has witnessed a resurgence in interest and investment. Boyaa Interactive, as one of China’s prominent companies, has joined the wave by announcing its ambitious plan to spend $100 million on cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and others.

This exciting development was shared in a recent update, outlining Boyaa Interactive’s intent to diversify its holdings by venturing into the world of digital assets. However, the plan’s full execution depends on receiving approval from the company’s shareholders. The board of directors is diligently preparing the $100 million fund, aiming to streamline the purchasing process without needing prior shareholder approval for each transaction.

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Should the plan receive the green light, a substantial portion of the funds will be directed towards acquiring Bitcoin and Ethereum, with $45 million earmarked for these leading cryptocurrencies. An additional $10 million will be allocated for stablecoins, including popular options like Tether and USD.

This strategic move represents a significant escalation from Boyaa Interactive’s earlier crypto investment plan approved in August, which allowed for $5 million in digital asset acquisitions over the coming year. Now, with the potential approval of this expanded initiative, the company is poised to make a more substantial impact on the cryptocurrency market, aligning itself with the growing trend of traditional firms embracing digital assets as a strategic investment.

Source: Watcher.Guru

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