MicroStrategy’s $600 Million Bitcoin November Buy

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MicroStrategy's $600 Million Bitcoin November Buy

MicroStrategy, the tech company led by CEO Michael Saylor, continues to make headlines in the cryptocurrency world as it aggressively accumulates Bitcoin (BTC). In November, MicroStrategy took significant steps to expand its already substantial Bitcoin holdings, making it the largest corporate holder of the digital asset. In this article, we’ll explore the details of MicroStrategy’s recent Bitcoin purchases, its strategy, and the implications for the cryptocurrency market.


  • MicroStrategy increased its Bitcoin holdings by 10% in November, acquiring 16,130 BTC.
  • The company spent approximately $608 million on Bitcoin during this buying spree.
  • With a total of 174,530 BTC, MicroStrategy remains the largest corporate holder of Bitcoin.
  • The company also plans to raise up to $750 million through the sale of class A common stock.

November BTC Purchase

In November, MicroStrategy made a substantial Bitcoin purchase, acquiring approximately 16,130 BTC. This significant investment amounted to around $608 million, with an average purchase price of approximately $36,785 per Bitcoin. This purchase marked a notable acceleration in MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin buying activities, reflecting the company’s continued confidence in the digital asset.

Impressive Holdings

MicroStrategy’s November Bitcoin acquisition boosted its total holdings to an impressive 174,530 BTC. What’s remarkable is that this acquisition represents an increase of over 10% in just one month. The company’s ongoing commitment to Bitcoin as a store of value and a treasury reserve asset is evident in its consistent accumulation strategy.

Financial Strategies

In addition to its Bitcoin purchases, MicroStrategy has taken strategic steps to fund its investments. The company entered into an agreement with Cowen and Company, Canaccord Genuity, and BTIG to offer up to $750 million worth of class A common stock. This move demonstrates MicroStrategy’s dedication to expanding its cryptocurrency holdings and its willingness to leverage financial instruments to support its crypto initiatives.

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Michael Saylor’s Vision

Michael Saylor, the founder and former CEO of MicroStrategy, has been a vocal advocate for Bitcoin adoption. He believes that Bitcoin is not just an asset but a global monetary network. His conviction in Bitcoin’s potential as a hedge against inflation and currency devaluation has guided the company’s significant investments in the digital currency.

NFTpay’s Perspective

From the viewpoint of NFTpay, MicroStrategy’s ongoing Bitcoin accumulation is a testament to the growing acceptance of cryptocurrencies as a legitimate store of value. This trend not only strengthens the cryptocurrency market but also paves the way for increased adoption of blockchain-based technologies, including NFTs. As more institutions embrace digital assets like Bitcoin, the entire blockchain ecosystem gains more credibility and opens up new opportunities for innovation.

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MicroStrategy’s relentless pursuit of Bitcoin as a treasury asset highlights the shifting landscape of traditional finance. As the company expands its cryptocurrency holdings, it sends a clear message to the financial world that cryptocurrencies are here to stay. This ongoing accumulation may serve as an inspiration for other institutions to explore the potential of digital assets, ultimately driving the broader adoption of blockchain technologies. NFTpay continues to watch these developments closely as they shape the future of the digital economy.

Source: CryptoPotato, CoinDesk

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