Solana Makes a Comeback — And Experts Saw It Coming

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Solana Makes a Comeback — And Experts Saw It Coming

Solana, often considered a rival to Ethereum, is grabbing the spotlight in the world of cryptocurrencies, and its native coin SOL is reaping the rewards. In this blog post, we’ll explore why Solana is making waves and why experts believe it’s no surprise.


  • SOL’s value has surged by over 88% in the past month, outperforming major cryptocurrencies.
  • Solana offers cost-effectiveness and speed, making it attractive for developers and big players like Visa and Shopify.
  • Recent positive developments, a short squeeze, and the Breakpoint conference have fueled SOL’s rise.


The Unstoppable Rise of SOL

In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrencies, Solana is emerging as a game-changer. Its native coin, SOL, has witnessed an impressive surge in value, leaving other major cryptocurrencies in the dust. But why is Solana suddenly the talk of the crypto town?


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The Solana Advantage

Solana is not just another blockchain; it’s a platform that aims to revolutionize the world of on-chain applications and experiences. While Ethereum has long been considered the leader in smart contracts, Solana offers something different—a blockchain that is faster and cheaper.

One significant advantage is the cost. Solana transactions come with incredibly low fees, with gas fees currently standing at just $0.000522. In contrast, making a transaction on Ethereum costs an average of $6.58. This cost-effectiveness has attracted the attention of major players like Visa and Shopify.


Inside Solana’s Lightning-Fueled Blockchain


Partnerships That Matter

The collaboration between GameStop and Telos could potentially transform the gaming industry, giving players true ownership of in-game assets.

Solana has been on the radar of influential companies and developers. In August, Solana’s payment protocol, Solana Pay, integrated with Shopify, enabling merchants to accept stablecoin USDC via the blockchain. This partnership capitalized on Shopify’s significant share in the U.S. online retail sector, translating to billions in global transactions.

Visa also recognized Solana’s potential, choosing its blockchain for its stablecoin ambitions. The network’s unmatched speed and scalability played a pivotal role in this decision. These partnerships have further boosted SOL’s price.


Charting Solana’s Crypto Journey


A Rollercoaster Journey

Solana’s journey hasn’t been without bumps. It was once heavily associated with the now-collapsed FTX crypto exchange and its founder, Sam Bankman-Fried. However, despite past challenges, big players still see value in the project.

The Short Squeeze Effect

SOL’s recent price surge can be partly attributed to a short squeeze. Following concerns related to FTX’s new management potentially selling off large amounts of SOL, traders who had bet on SOL’s price falling exited their positions. This created a sudden upward price movement, benefiting SOL holders.

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Breakpoint: A Turning Point

Solana’s annual conference, Breakpoint, held at the end of October, played a significant role in boosting SOL’s value. Interestingly, at last year’s Breakpoint, SOL’s price plummeted by 60% in the week following the FTX crash. This year, it’s a different story, with SOL making a remarkable comeback.

As always, the question remains: Will Solana’s rise be sustained? Only time will tell, but for now, it’s clear that Solana is capturing the crypto world’s attention.

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Source: Decrypt

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