The Unseen Forces Ready to Surge the Crypto Market

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The Unseen Forces Ready to Surge the Crypto Market

Crypto enthusiasts are buzzing with anticipation as Wall Street juggernauts subtly prepare the battlefield for a potential Bitcoin price surge. This week, Bitcoin briefly hit the $30,000 mark, setting the stage for a market tremor in the realms of Ethereum, XRP, and beyond. 

The false alarm of a Bitcoin Spot ETF approval by the U.S. SEC sent ripples through the market, yet experts like Mike Novogratz and Paul Grewal express optimism for a real approval on the horizon. The crypto realm awaits a $15.6 trillion shakeup, and as per insights, the market has yet to factor in the massive wave an ETF approval could unleash.


  • Bitcoin price brushed $30,000, with the crypto market at the cusp of a possible boom.
  • A false report about Bitcoin ETF approval caused a price spike, showing the market’s sensitivity.
  • Experts predict a Bitcoin spot ETF approval in 2023, indicating it’s not yet “priced in.”
  • Wall Street giants like BlackRock and Galaxy Investment Partners are in active dialogue with the SEC regarding Bitcoin ETFs, symbolizing a shift towards mainstream acceptance.


The Bitcoin ETF Mirage:

The anticipation around a Bitcoin spot exchange-traded fund (ETF) has been simmering for a while. A viral yet false report about its approval sent ripples across the crypto market. This event underscored how a mere rumor could cause a significant price movement, indicating that the actual approval, which many predict to happen this year, is not yet “priced in.”



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Wall Street’s Crypto Dance:

Behind the scenes, heavyweights like BlackRock and Galaxy Investment Partners are engaging with the SEC to pave the way for Bitcoin ETFs. The recent amendment in BlackRock’s filing, coupled with Galaxy’s ongoing dialogue with the SEC, exhibits a move towards mainstream acceptance.


Spot ETF: A Gateway to Bull Run?

The engagement between Wall Street and the SEC isn’t about the mechanics of Bitcoin anymore; it’s about its recognition as a macro asset. The consensus is that a spot ETF approval could unleash a bull run, driving not just Bitcoin, but the entire crypto market upwards.



A Ripple Effect on Ethereum and XRP:

The false ETF report didn’t just buoy Bitcoin; Ethereum and XRP also rode the wave. It’s a glimpse into how intertwined the crypto market is, and how a positive development in one segment could benefit others.

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The crypto sphere is aflutter with the whispers of Wall Street’s engagement with Bitcoin ETFs. The uncharted waters of regulatory approval hold a promise of mainstream acceptance and a potential market bull run. While the false ETF approval report provided a glimpse into the market’s sensitivity, it’s the ongoing dialogues and amendments that are the real harbingers of a potential shift in the crypto tide. The anticipation continues to build, with eyes keenly set on the unfolding dialogue between Wall Street giants and the SEC.


Source: Forbes

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