Thailand’s Kasikorn Bank Buys Satang Crypto Exchange with $103M Majority Stake

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Thailand's Kasikorn Bank Buys Satang Crypto Exchange with $103M Majority Stake

Amidst the surging waves of cryptocurrency integration, Thailand’s Kasikorn Bank (K-Bank) has made a splash by acquiring a 97% stake in Satang Corporation Company Limited, the parent company of Satang Crypto Exchange. This strategic acquisition, valued at 3.705 billion Thai baht ($102.8 million), catapults K-Bank into the crypto-verse, igniting competition among Thai banks. As the race to dominate the cryptocurrency market in Thailand heats up, let’s delve into the significance of this acquisition and the ripple effects it might trigger in the Thai banking and crypto sectors.


  • K-Bank acquires 97% stake in Satang Crypto Exchange, stepping boldly into the crypto sector.
  • The acquisition worth $102.8 million was made through a new subsidiary, Unita Capital.
  • Satang to rebrand as Orbix Trade Company Limited, with three new subsidiaries for diverse crypto services.
  • K-Bank aims to capture 20% of Thailand’s crypto market share by 2024, intensifying competition among Thai banks.
  • The move follows K-Bank’s $100 million fund launch for web3, fintech, and AI, showcasing a trend of traditional financial institutions embracing crypto.


Securing a Solid Foothold in Crypto Space

The acquisition by Kasikorn Bank of a whopping 97% stake in Satang Corporation, the backbone of Satang crypto exchange, is nothing short of a strategic power move. With a hefty investment of 3.705 billion Thai baht ($102.8 million), funneled through its freshly minted subsidiary Unita Capital, Kasikorn Bank is planting its flag firmly within the crypto turf. This venture isn’t just a fleeting dalliance with digital assets; it’s a robust embrace, signaling Kasikorn Bank’s resolve to mesh the traditional financial ecosystem with the burgeoning crypto sphere.


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The Rebranding Saga: Birth of Orbix

The finalization of the acquisition heralds a new epoch for Satang Corporation, as it morphs into Orbix Trade Company Limited. But the transformation isn’t merely skin deep. It’s a holistic rebranding, stretching beyond mere name change. The newly minted entity will sprout three offshoots: Orbix Custodian, managing crypto storage; Orbix Invest, steering a digital asset fund; and Orbix Technology, nurturing blockchain tech development. It’s a trident of innovation aimed at carving a niche in the digital asset landscape.


Kasikorn Bank’s Crypto Vision

The acquisition is a crystal-clear testament to Kasikorn Bank’s ambition of capturing a lion’s share of the crypto market in Thailand. With eyes set on snatching 20% market share by 2024, the bank is not just dipping its toes in the crypto waters, but taking a headlong plunge. This aggressive stride sets a riveting stage for competition, especially with rivals like Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) also maneuvering to stake their claim in the crypto realm.


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The Broader Picture: A Crypto Tug of War

The Kasikorn Bank-Satang deal isn’t an isolated incident. It’s a part of a larger narrative where traditional financial behemoths are jostling to grab a slice of the crypto pie. The rivalry extends beyond banks, pulling in other major players like the Thai energy titan, Gulf, which is forging alliances with crypto giants like Binance. The stakes are high, and the entry of these heavyweights is poised to shake up the crypto scene in Thailand, potentially making the market a tough playground for smaller players.



The Kasikorn Bank’s acquisition is more than a mere business deal. It’s a vivid illustration of traditional finance and crypto worlds colliding and coalescing. As Kasikorn Bank takes a bold stride into the crypto realm, it not only sets a precedent but also tightens the competition, making the Thai crypto landscape a thrilling space to watch. The unfolding dynamics between traditional banks, crypto exchanges, and other major players are sure to shape the trajectory of the crypto industry in Thailand, possibly igniting a ripple effect across the broader Asian financial ecosystem.

Source: CoinDesk, Bitcoin Magazine

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